Child Care Development Fund

The Child Care Development Fund Program assists low income families in accessing quality child care for children while parents work or participate in education or job training.


The program’s mission is to enhance the quality, affordability, and supply of child care available for all families.

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Child Care Licensing

The Child Care Licensing Program is Responsible for licensing and inspecting all child care services in the CNMI, including day care centers, group care homes, family child care homes and before and after school programs. The program conducts employment history, background checks and criminal history on all applicants.


The Child care Licensing Program ensures child care facilities follow regulations on administrations requirements, health standards for children, health standards for staff, environmental health standards, physical facilities standards, and program modifications. Licensing renewals are made on the annual basis. The Office also work collaboratively the Child Care Development Block Grant of the Public Schools system to increase availability and affordability of child care for low-income families as well as to help provide, expand and improve the quality of child care center for all families. Parent or guardians of children in care may also visit the child care center during hours of operation to observe, monitor and inspect the facilities, activities, staffing, and other aspects of the child care center. Except for confidential documents, child care records concerning the applicants of a facility and agencies are also open to the public.

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