CNMI QRIS Pilot Program

The CNMI Quality Rating and Improvement System was established to refine and improve the standards of quality of child care in the islands. A QRIS supports the care, learning of development of our island’s young children. In addition, a QRIS is a holistic and systematic approach that also supports families and parents of young children, and provides incentives and professional development opportunities for providers as well. By looking at the whole picture and bridging gaps so that everything is oriented towards the whole child, the ultimate achievement of QRIS in the CNMI would be more school ready preschoolers, more graduating seniors, more college students, and more opportunities for our children to reach their dreams.


While currently in its smaller-scale, pilot stage, the CNMI QRIS reviews, rates, and provides coaching and technical assistance to eight local care providers. Launching as a pilot program allows for fine-tuning and testing the system before it’s full launch in the near future. In addition and to achieve its goal of outreach and keeping families and the community informed about quality care, the Reach Higher Outreach Program was born.

To learn more about QRIS, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.