QRIS means striving for better.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 

-Nelson Mandela


Parents and Families

Learn more about the providers taking the first steps twoards higher quality by participating in the CNMI's QRIS Pilot progrom.

Understand how QRIS works and the process for achieving a quality rated program. Find a breakdown and explanations for each Qualtiy Rating and also checkout out the QRIS Frequently Asked Questions.

Get more information from these great resources regarding QRIS, early care and education, and more.

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Care Providers 

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Learn more about QRIS standards and the overall process. Take a look at the QRIS FAQ and what you can do to provide the highest quality care to the children and families you service. Rememer, you don't have to be a QRIS Participating Provider to reach higher for quality.

Checkout these available resources to help you reach higher for quality child care.

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September 06, 2016

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